Services tailored to your community.

We provide customizable services for the unique needs of each community.

Each association is slightly different.  The details which make communities unique are important to CMA.  We want to ensure you live in an association you’re proud to call home. Our wide suite of services makes it easy for the manager to concentrate on the specific assets of your community.


CMA manages the multi-faceted task of community accounting. We offer an array of different accounting styles depending on the type of community and the location.


We organize and direct incoming and outgoing documents and communications.

Customer Service

Our customer service department manages the incoming calls, so all inquiries are responded to within one business day.

Division Managers

Dedicated division managers are highly knowledgeable about the respective communities in their division. They are well-versed in service leadership skills.

Executive Team

Our communities harness the power of our executive team. CMA has an open-door policy for all clients and employees.

Facilities Engineering

CMA specializes in preventative maintenance schedules, onsite inspections and maintenance training. We can assist with contract negotiations and building system troubleshooting.


If your community is gated, or you have access control on your amenities, we can manage the access control devices as well as programming the system.


Our experienced team handles the unique HR needs of communities.


Our IT department implements technologies that keeps communities current. They ensure our managers are equipped and up to date on the newest technology.


We manage the leasing cycle of the homes in your community to track the leasing status in your association.


We implement and maintain the lifestyle improvements desired by communities. Many of our communities are staffed with personnel to deliver these services to the association.


Our experienced team and network of vendors tackle any of the association’s maintenance needs.


We amplify and streamline recruiting efforts.

Risk Management

We review all insurance policies to make certain the association is insured correctly and getting the best value.


We have extensive experience and success in a variety of training applications, including Board training to better lead your association.


CMA keeps associations stable through periods of transition while onboarding your community with CMA. The transition team handles everything once the contract is signed.

Trash Brokerage Service

We will compare all services to ensure the association is getting the best price.

Vendor Management

Our vetted network of vendors makes addressing community improvements or repairs fast and simple.

CMA has the on-site staff to help your association thrive.

CMA can acquire and train your existing staff, or we can hire a new staff that best fits your association needs. We will handle the interviewing process, stay on top of changes in labor laws and more to help your association thrive. This means fewer headaches for the Board and access to tremendous resources for staff education, development and benefits. Your Board achieves its goals with less work to do and more time to enjoy living! Let CMA handle the supervision, human resources and payroll services, so the Board can concentrate on other items.

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