Servicing HOAs across the Southeast.

Community Management Associates provides industry-leading services to HOAs of all sizes.

Our wide scope of industry-leading services ensures we can address all on-going and unique HOA needs. We keep an eye on the HOA’s big picture goals while paying attention to the details, making communities thrive now and for years to come.

Proactive community management services.

Top-notch, talented association managers are the key to our business model. CMA managers receive intensive training in customer service since a good portion of their day is spent working one-on-one with vendors and homeowners.

We believe in proactive association management practices. Our organization is proud that we consistently provide efficiencies which streamline operations while maximizing the rate of return on money spent. Our managers are charged with handling day-to-day community issues with minimal Board involvement.

Healthy finances, thriving communities.

CMA offers a team of experienced accounting and administrative employees which handle all of your association’s accounting needs. CMA has a CPA which manages the accounting staff. This allows the association manager to focus on operations, maintenance and homeowner concerns. We maximize the asset value of each association under our stewardship with excellence in resident services, building aesthetics, aggressive cost management and continuous process improvement. An aggressive approach to cost management starts with ensuring that all receivables are collected in a timely manner. All CMA-maintained bank accounts with our selected financial institution are free of on-going maintenance fees.


We use a bank lockbox system under the tightest software control. Payments are mailed directly to the lockbox and deposited to the associations’ operating accounts the same day. Late payment letters are automatically generated monthly. Assessment billings are accomplished by coupon books or statements prepared and mailed to the membership.


Each year, CMA provides a detailed draft budget which greatly reduces the amount of time the Board and the Treasurer spend on budget preparation. Additionally, Boards can see a year-to-date snapshot of where the community stands compared to the annual budget each month in our monthly financial package.


CMA takes collection issues very seriously. We understand that outstanding assessments can be detrimental to the financial health of any association. Late letters are sent automatically each month. All of the major law firms specializing in association collection issues have the ability to access our system to pull real-time account data for accounts which have been referred to them.

Nurturing communities day-to-day.

CMA serves as the managing agent for the association. Each association is assigned an association manager who works under the Board’s direction to best attend to the community’s needs. Having an assigned association manager creates a sense of ownership for the community, provides clear accountability for all operational aspects of the property, and allows that association manager to be recognized as an integral part of the community. We require our managers to professionally represent the association when requesting bids, signing contracts, writing violation letters and interacting with homeowners. In addition to having an assigned manager, your community will have an assigned administrative assistant, association accountant and division manager, all of whom are essential to the success of your association. Our division managers report weekly to upper management.

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Vigilant maintenance, continual improvement.

We continually monitor the communities we support for issues with buildings, infrastructure, landscaping and more. We use our proven network of vendors to quickly and affordably address maintenance and emergency needs as well as major projects which enrich communities.

Large scale associations with on-site managers and staff have the support of the largest family owned and operated association management company in the Southeastern United States. CMA has extensive resources and buying power, but we offer boutique style custom services due to our unique corporate structure. From banking, insurance, contractors, utilities, access control, concierge, leasing, IT and HR services, CMA can negotiate the lowest rates for the highest quality products and services. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional value with the best pricing from trusted sources. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the tennis courts, clubhouse or on the golf course, you’ll always feel like you’re at home when your association is managed by CMA.

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Our team is always striving for excellence.

CMA currently has over 170 state-licensed association managers in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. The other states in which we manage do not currently require association manager licensing. CMA holds a brokerage license in both Georgia and South Carolina. Corporate business licenses are held in all states in which we manage.

Community Management Associates proudly employs the greatest number of Professional Community Association Managers (PCAM®) in the Southeast. We employ individuals in all states which hold certifications specific to the community management industry. Some of the designations our managers hold:

  • CMCA® - Certified Manager of Community Associations
  • AMS® - Association Management Specialist
  • PCAM® - Professional Community Association Manager

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