People experienced in making communities thrive.

Experienced, capable, and licensed managers.

CMA has over 150 licensed community association managers in state-licensed markets and over 210 community association managers in total. Our managers hold certifications and designations such as:

Association Management Specialist™ (AMS™)

Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA™)

Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM™)

Continually learning and staying ahead of the game.

Our recruiting practices stand out in the field of association management. We look outside the industry to locate quality employees with varied skill sets to help broaden our product offering and client satisfaction.

We hire individuals that are wired for success. Some of the past careers of our current employees include: a fireman, a volunteer sheriff, large retail upper management, marketing & sales professionals, former “” folks, TV personality for a landscaping TV show, airline management and many former association Board members. All of our employees bring a fresh perspective to our clients and services. Whether they are a seasoned veteran association manager or new to the industry, they bring with them years of proven management experience. CMA has a full time Training Coordinator that ensures our managers are trained on every aspect of association management. We invest in our people, procedures and technology to strive for continuous improvements within our company.

Another unique feature of our company is that our managers are assigned communities in the areas in which they live. We have found through the years that managers who can identify with the communities’ concerns have a greater stake in that of their success. This is one strategy which has allowed us to sustain controlled growth of our core business and maintain a low rate of turnover among our staff of managers and division managers.

Our Leadership Team

Jay Devlin
Chief Executive Officer
Michele Richards, PCAM
Chief Operating Officer
H. Peter Gant, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Dennis F. Hoffman, PCAM
Andrea Hospodar, PCAM
VP, Association Management
Richard Maritt, PCAM
VP, Professional & Organizational Development
Sarah Smith, PCAM
VP, Sales & Regional Operations
Beau Rappe
Human Resource Manager
Will Stanley
Director, Association Management, Georgia
Robyn Hicks
Director, Association Management, Regional Markets
Shaun Reid
Director, Information Technology
Sean Rucker, PCAM
Director, Risk Management
Rhodes Collier
Vendor Relations & Compliance Manager, Insurance Claims Specialist
Laphanie Banks, AMS, PCAM
Division Manager, Atlanta
Hollie Battle, PCAM
Division Manager, Atlanta
Eric Behning, CMCA, AMS
Division Manager, Atlanta, Augusta
Elysia Bonner
Division Manager, Atlanta
Bodie Brown
Division Manager, Atlanta
Robin Cuson, AMS, PCAM
Division Manager, Atlanta
Tracy Lanard, CMCA
Division Manager, Atlanta
Marc Lewchuck, CMCA, AMS
Division Manager, Atlanta
Chrys Martin-Prichard, CMCA
Division Manager, Atlanta
Ashley Nohrenberg
Division Manager, NW Florida
Donald Olds, PCAM
Division Manager, Atlanta
Stephanie Panagiotides, CMCA, AMS
Division Manager, Birmingham
Paige Perkins, CMCA
Division Manager, Atlanta
Jennie Smallwood
Division Manager, Fairhope
Kristle Steinberg
Division Manager, Atlanta
Nia Terry-Childs
Division Manager, Atlanta

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