Dr. Beau Rappe

Manager, Human Resources

Dr. Beau Rappe is a Human Resource professional with experience working in Government, Education, Military, Healthcare, and in private industry. He has a Doctorate in Applied Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley and is a Strategic Human Resource Management Professional/ SHRM-CP. He is also a national speaker in the subjects of Serevent Leadership, Compassion Fatigue, Preventing/Recovery of Toxic Work Environments, Creating Work life Balance, Religious Diversity and Cultural Diversity and Inclusion.

Dr. Beau has had the honor of being recognized by the Make A Wish foundation receiving the Katie Loxton Award for 10 years of service and by Habitat for Humanity for fund raising and volunteer recruiting. He has also had honorable mentions by the Jewish Anti- Defamation and Amnesty International for his work promoting the rights of impoverished and marginalized people. One of the building blocks of Dr. Beau’s professional philosophy originates from an Albert Einstein’s quote:

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem with every solution”.

Dr. Beau resides in the Fulton County area with his family. His personal passions are family, horses, charities, reading world history, and martial arts.