CMA Payment Options

Want to make a payment, see your account balance or association documents, send a request, or change your email address?  You can accomplish these and other tasks online.

To access your CMA online account, you will need to register your account.  This quick process will require your 9- or 10-digit CMA account number and the temporary password which was sent to you in your CMA Web Access Letter.  If you do not have this information, request it at Portal Registration Key Request or by contacting CMA Customer Service at 800.522.6314.

To register your account, click here, complete the fields on the page and click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the page.

Additional payment options

Auto-Debit:  You can start and stop automatic debits via your CMA online account.  To start auto-debit deductions, login to your CMA account, select Billing on the menu, and Auto-Draft on that page or the Make a Payment tab.  Enter your bank account information, select a start date, and click Save.  To stop or modify your auto-debit deductions, login to your CMA account, return to the same area, and cancel.

One-Time Payments:  If you would like to make a one-time online payment from your checking account or with your credit card, you can log into your CMA online account, select Billing on the menu, and choose your desired payment method.

You can also make a one-time check or credit card payment using one of the following links yet you will have to fill in all required information of which you may not have initially.  By logging into your CMA account, most information will be entered onto the payment interface automatically.  Should you choose to make a one-time payment without logging into your CMA account, please follow these one-time online payment instructions.

Utilizing either one-time payment method, these payment processing fees are charged by the association’s bank:

e-Check  (a $1.95 bank processing fee applies)
Credit Card   (a 3.9% bank processing fee applies)

Mail or Online Banking:  CMA offers homeowners several ways to manually pay association fees.  If you would like to mail a check, pay using your bank or credit union’s bill pay service, or in person, please see our check payment options.  Payments should be mailed to:

Association Name
c/o CMA
PO Box 65851
Phoenix, AZ 85082-5851

Payments are not accepted at local CMA offices.