Closing Letter Requests

Closing Letter/Estoppel Requests

  • Community Management Associates utilizes CondoCerts for all requests.
  • No emailed or faxed requests will be accepted by the CMA offices.
  • Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina requests must be received from a title services or attorney’s office.
  • Florida requests may be received from a unit/parcel owner, the unit/parcel owner’s designee, or a unit mortgagee or the unit mortgagee’s designee.

Closing Letter/Estoppel Costs and Delivery Timelines

  • Closing letters are $250 each
  • Non-FL Markets: Closing letters are delivered on the 5th business day after an order has been placed and paid in full.
  • FL Market: Estoppels are delivered within 10 business days of an order being placed and paid in full.

Closing Letter/Estoppel Rush Fees and Rush Timelines

  • Requests are subject to rush fees if the request is made close to the closing date.
  • Non-FL Market: A rush fee of $100 is placed on orders if needed 3 business days from the date the order is placed and paid in full.
  • Non-FL Market: A rush fee of $125 is placed on orders if needed 1 business day from the date the order is placed and paid in full.
  • FL Market: A rush fee of $100 is placed on orders if needed 3 business days from the date the order is placed and paid in full. No other rush options are available.

Closing Letter/Estoppel Updates

  • Updates are applicable on the same transaction whereas the property address, buyer, seller, and attorney remain the same.
  • Updates needed within 30 days of the original order are free.
  • Updates needed within 31-60 days of the original order will be $50.
  • Updates needed 61+ days after the original order require placing a new order.

Georgia Statement of Account / Owner Assessment Information

  • For Georgia users only, to request a Statement of Account, please go to CondoCerts.
  • Owners, mortgagees, purchasers, lenders, real estate agents, and attorneys may request a statement of account / owners assessment information for $10 for Georgia Associations subject to the Georgia Condominium or Property Owners Acts. Owner Assessment Information means a statement provided under O.C.G.A. 44-3-109 or 44-3-232 of all sums lawfully assessed by an association against any owner and/or the owner’s Property and that constitutes a lien in favor of the association on the owner’s Property that will be past due and unpaid together with late charges and interest applicable thereto as of the expiration of five business days from the receipt of a request for such information. Owner Assessment Information does not include amounts that may be assessed more than five business days from the receipt of the request for Owner Assessment Information, and/or amounts and/or fees that may be charged to a Purchaser.

Lender / Condo / HOA Questionnaire Requests

  • To request a questionnaire for purchasing or refinance purposes for a condo or single-family home, please go to CondoCerts.
  • A general association questionnaire is supplied for each association.
  • Lender-specific questionnaires will be completed upon request and at an additional cost.
  • Both the general and lender-specific questionnaires are requested online at CondoCerts.

Foreclosure and Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

  • Listing agents or asset managers requiring a statement of account from a foreclosure date forward must submit their request online at CondoCerts.
  • Please see the Georgia Statement of Account / Owner Assessment Information section above for limited availability notations.
  • Ensure you identify yourself on CondoCerts as a Real Estate Professional.
  • A copy of the recorded Deed Under Power and listing agreement must be included with the online order.
  • Closing letters/estoppels for foreclosed units may be obtained online at CondoCerts.

Third-Party Payment Instructions

If you are a third party wishing to pay for a closing letter or questionnaire, go to CondoCerts.

  • Click on the payment link in the email sent to you from CondoCerts.
  • Enter your credit card information and complete the payment process.
  • CMA will be notified of the order after payment is made and complete on the timeline set with that order.
  • The person who placed the order will receive notification when the item is ready for retrieval.

Certificate of Insurance

  • To request a certificate of insurance, policy, or agent information, please go to CondoCerts.

Termite Letter Request

  • Please contact your CMA association manager for further details (such as the vendor and their contact information to which a letter request can be made).