What Makes CMA a Great Place to Work?

February 25, 2024

Community Management Associates (CMA) is a company that specializes in helping community associations thrive by providing over three decades of management and hiring expertise. If you love helping communities and being part of a great team, join CMA as an association manager and boost your community association career today. 

Our Background 

Dan Henning and Dennis Hoffman established CMA in 1989. What started as a company with 7 Associations and only four employees is now a full-scale enterprise with over 1,100 Associations located throughout the southeastern United States. CMA has local offices in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee. We currently have 150+ state-licensed association managers working across the southeast United States. 

Why should you work for CMA?

CMA has made its mark as a distinguished leader in association management for the past 35 years by offering continuous innovation and training to our team. When it comes to property management careers in Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Augusta, Destin, and Naples, CMA is an industry leader that attracts the best and brightest leaders in association management. 

Robust credentials 

CMA is a part of the Community Associations Institute (CAI), Chamber of Commerce, and other licensing entities in the southeastern United States. CMA has also been ranked as the top association management firm in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for 20 years in a row. 

Employee benefits 

CMA employees boast of the benefits that they receive from their company. Some of these are:

  • Medical/Vision/Dental
  • Life & Disability Insurance
  • Flexible Paid Time Off
  • Volunteer Time Off
  • Company Sponsored 401K 

Fostering positive work culture 

CMA prioritizes a healthy work-life balance and believes that employees can only work to their full potential if they lead a happy life outside of the office. CMA strives to makes sure employees feel supported, encouraged, and satisfied with their jobs. For this, CMA offers flexible PTOs and telework opportunities. 

CMA seeks to cultivate a work environment that inspires new ideas and supports highly motivated individuals to be truly successful. Employees are valued for their talent, while their differences are acknowledged and accepted. CMA also ensures that employees have a respectful attitude towards varied perspectives. 

As a CMA client, our dedication to employee training and benefits means that your association has access to highly-trained staff that feel a sense of community in their workplace, which resonates in their behavior while offering services to their clients.

Inclusive employment practices 

CMA is an equal-opportunity employer. This means that CMA considers employee applications irrespective of the person’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, veteran, or disability status. 

What are the positions available at CMA?

  1.  Community Association Manager – responsible for allocating resources to ensure the management and support of community associations under the guidance of CMA. 
  2.  Compliance coordinator – responsible for enforcing restrictions imposed in the community’s memorandum regarding maintenance, architectural specifications, and the guidelines established by the homeowner’s association. 
  3.  Accounting – The financial services team keeps financial transaction records and the general ledger for accounts payable, and receivable, and adjusting journal entries. 
  4.  Administrative Assistant – By providing internal and external customer service, the Administrative Assistant assists the Community Association Managers and our client associations.

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