Summer Landscaping & Maintenance Tips For Your Community Association

May 22, 2021

With summer starting soon, community association management services begin to spike. That’s because landscaping is already challenging. Maintaining the looks and feel of your outdoor efforts merely adds to the difficulty.

Everyone has excellent advice for landscaping. However, we’ll provide some of the best strategies we’ve found working with our clients. Make sure you create an approach with your community association based on these tips.

Focus on proper watering

Notice that we say “proper” instead of “more.” That’s because quantity isn’t the best solution for healthier gardens and lawns. Start by checking your irrigation and other watering systems.

While watering, you might benefit from a lower frequency. That’s because you must focus on slow drips for deep hydration—Additionally, water in the evening or early morning to avoid evaporation.

Aim for green and living colors

Healthy grass looks green and vibrant. The same is true for your flowers. You want your garden to look as colorful as possible, but you might cut corners with certain decisions.

To start, don’t cut the grass too short; keep it around 3.5 inches in height. Go for organic fertilizer as well, and don’t over-fertilize your spaces. Schedule lawn checks to find any weeds that could steal your plants’ nutrients.

Consider outdoor amenities

Outdoor living spaces, like event rooms and children’s parks, can reduce your lawn work. They make your community’s areas more entertaining while reducing garden work.

However, it’s still a hefty investment. The best community association management services can help you optimize your amenities without spending too much.

Perennial plants are better

When planning flower beds, it’s best to prioritize longevity. You can save lots of time and money in the long term by buying perennials, not annuals.

These flowers, like the purple coneflower, require less maintenance. Sure, annuals tend to be prettier, but you need to assess how much your community association can spend. Perennials require pruning now and then, and that’s it.

While speaking of low-maintenance plants, also remember to plant native species to make your life easier.

Potted plants are also good

For many, potted plants lack some of the charms of a “natural” garden. While we can understand that, potted plants offer unique advantages.

Firstly, they need less maintenance. You can also move them wherever you want with minimal effort. Even if you prefer to plant everything on the ground, keep a few pots for parties and events.

Check for any pests

Remind your staff to check for pests while performing regular maintenance. Removing dead matter and weeds makes an excellent opportunity to find unwanted visitors.

It’s much better to catch pests early, as it can make treatment much more straightforward. Additionally, opt for organic solutions if you need to treat said pests.

Enact rules and guidelines

Finally, community association management services usually place rules and guidelines around open areas. These recommendations can save a lot of time and effort in maintenance.

For instance, forbidding smoking and drinking alcohol in the open can keep cigarette butts and beer cans off your lawn. Think about regulations that could protect your landscape and make them visually available for everyone.