You’re a New Volunteer Neighborhood Board Member: 5 Things You Should Know

June 11, 2021

You’re a New Volunteer Neighborhood Board Member: 5 Things You Should Know

The neighborhood board requires active participation from members so that there is continuous improvement. If you have chosen to become a volunteer board member, you should know your duties and responsibilities clearly. It is important for you to be efficient at what you do and remain approachable to homeowners. 

These are the five things you should know as you accept this new role:

You cannot focus on personal interests

When you join the board, you will be subjected to a lot of different opinions. Homeowners and other board members will expect you to side with their personal interests. You have to remain as neutral as possible. You should focus on serving the best interests of the association as a whole. 

It will not be possible for you to cater to individual people. Be wise and use sound judgment to make the correct business decisions for the association based on the available resources and circumstances. 

You have to provide residents with participation opportunities 

Residents and homeowners will be more willing to participate in the community and work together if they feel included in the board decisions. Give them a chance to comment on the matters facing the board so that they feel valued. 

You can organize events for residents where they can participate and have an open discussion without any bias. Suppressing someone’s opinions directly can lead to backlash for you.

You cannot accept gifts from residents

With great power comes great responsibility. As a board member, you will have the ability to take decisions that affect the entire community. It is likely that you will have residents coming to you for support. They might even offer you some gifts in exchange for your help. 

However, it is unethical for you to accept any direct or indirect gifts from residents, vendors and owners. It can be seen as bribery since you are in a position of power. You must politely decline any gifts that come your way.

Always stand by the board

There will be times when you might not fully agree with the decision of the board. You might be in the minority in regards to a particular action. However, you always have to speak in support of the board. You have to uphold the singular voice of the board to avoid confusion. You have to accept all the duly-adopted board decisions even if you have personal objections.

You cannot engage in any personal attacks

Maintaining composure and being charismatic will help you a good board member. You cannot engage in personal attack or issue threats to get your away. You have to follow the code of conduct with residents, owners and other board members. 

Also be particular about maintaining confidentiality of the board meetings. Leaking information without the permission of the board can lead to penalty.

You have to remember that you are accepting responsibility when you become a voluntary board member and remain committed to it. Property management Atlanta expects voluntary board members to be ethical and efficient.