Best practices for building community with neighborhood social events (during and post COVID)

June 6, 2021

The pandemic has not only affected the mental and physical health of millions of people worldwide but also considerably weakened our sense of community by limiting our social interactions. Although people have continued to remain in touch virtually, there is no substitute for actual human gathering to foster a sense of togetherness within a community. 

Neighborhood social events you can organize to build community within your HOA

Social events and activities go a long way in bringing people together. Here are a few ideas for events you can conduct within your community while maintaining appropriate COVID-19 protocol. 

1. Community BBQ 

There is nothing like a good BBQ to celebrate the resuming of regular activities after a year-long pause. Since BBQs are open-air, the chances of contamination are a lot less. Residents may use their own plates and cutlery and take care of disposing of them too. They can take out mats or even set up individual grills in their backyard. 

2. Outdoor movie night 

Set up a screen or a projector by your community’s ground or poolside and ask residents to maintain social distancing norms while enjoying a movie together. 

3. Arrange for community drives

You can schedule drives to a nearby waterfall, hill or any scenic attraction by asking residents to take their vehicles together. Residents can even choose to decorate their cars based on a common theme. This will be a great way to have fun together while maintaining social distancing. 

4. Organize game nights through video conferencing 

Thanks to technology, you can still enjoy the thrill of a game night while maintaining social distancing. Ask residents to join in on a Zoom call to conduct quizzes and fun contests or catch up with each other’s lives. 

5. Organize a photo scavenger hunt

Since coronavirus norms won’t allow you to get together and enjoy a good-old scavenger hunt freely, you can instead conduct a photo scavenger hunt. This will require you to give out a list of things on your community Facebook page or social media group. As residents come across these items on your community campus or even unique objects inside their own homes, they can post a picture of it and tag you. 

6. Organize community gift exchanges 

This can be an exciting way for residents to feel a sense of belongingness to their neighborhood community. Get residents to exchange small surprise gifts with each other through shipping or mail. You can even ask them to leave the gifts by each other’s doors. 

7. Create groups online

Create groups on social media apps for residents to connect and stay updated on each other’s health and general well-being. They can even post selfies, photos or share memories on these groups to keep in touch. 

When it comes to restricting the spread of the deadly Coronavirus inside your community, HOAs have a lot on their shoulders. Feel free to take the help of our community association managers and community leaders to help you conduct social neighborhood events safely amidst the pandemic and well into the future.