Hurricane Season In Northern Florida

November 13, 2020

Hurricane Season Does Not End Until November 30th

Hurricane season will be here to stay for a while. Northern Florida is quite familiar with this period. Even travel advice websites have extensive documentation about the season and how to cope with it.

Preliminary reports about the 2021 season seem to be quite worrying. We need to remember that hurricane season typically lasts until late November. Knowing what a Northern Florida property associate can do about it lets you save lots of money.

Property managers’ role during the season

There’s plenty of articles offering insight into the role of Northern Florida property associates during hurricane season. Naturally, it’s every homeowner’s responsibility to guarantee the safety of their houses, but that doesn’t mean you should do nothing.

In fact, property managers can provide some of the best assistance against hurricanes. They won’t solve all the problems, but it’s worth keeping it in mind. Proper help can help you gain your community’s trust and create a more cooperative environment.


The best moment to protect yourself from hurricanes is before the storm. You need to guarantee your community has everything it needs to overcome the season.

That includes planning, communicating, reviewing your contracts and insurances, and assessing/repairing weak spots.

Damage prevention and control

The entire point of preparing is to avoid damages. Still, nature is unpredictable, and there will always be something you forgot. Ideally, it’s something small, but it’s going to happen.

Make sure you act effectively as soon as something goes wrong. Have service vendors readily available.


After the season ends, chances are homes and amenities will look a bit different. Even if your measures were perfect, trees might fall, or you might need to repaint the front.

Thankfully, you have more time to tackle these after the storm ends. You could even take advantage of the moment and carry out other renovations you wanted.

What can you do about it?

Luckily, a Northern Florida property associate can do several things to help their communities. Mashvisor has a great set of recommendations for different scenarios and occupancy rates.

The most important guideline to keep things safe during hurricane season is proper prevention. You need to have your plan and measures ready before the season starts. Other than that, everything is damage control, which isn’t ideal.

General guidelines

The first step is to go over your insurance. Analyze your current policies and think about getting coverage for floods, inventory, and more. Move your property records offsite, and take preventive measures before the storm begins.

Occupied properties

You have to consider your occupants along your property. Provide safety courses for everyone, and assign responsibilities to everyone in case something goes wrong. Go through legal responsibilities and enable communication channels for emergency requests.

Unoccupied properties

Assess which insurance coverage you need and secure everything. Remember that no one will be there to monitor the structure’s health, so you want it to be able to stand on its own. After the season ends, run a thorough audit before reopening it for rent.