HOA Horror Stories and How to Avoid Being in One

December 9, 2020

HOAs in Nashville is the standard for many homeowners – a considerable advantage in
many ways, especially when it comes to residential management. The conveniences include maintaining residences in good shape and streamlining administration.

However, they can be problematic in many ways. Many homeowners detail bad experiences and dissatisfaction with these associations. Bad communication and even legal issues, for instance, can spring from the wrong approach by both parties.

Today, we’ll dissect the most common complaints from HOAs and how you can prevent

What are the most common horror stories?

An HOA in Nashville isn’t rare, and countless people see them as just another aspect of their residences. That’s because maintaining and managing residential properties is a challenge. HOAs come from a real need, but they’re complicated for all parties.

That’s why hearing complaints related to these organizations is common. That said, these
issues aren’t always the HOA’s fault. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that both parties are to blame for the majority of cases.

1. I can’t communicate with my HOA

Bad communication is the best way to make residency terrible, both for homeowners and
lease tenants. Not communicating properly, for instance, leads to misunderstandings that
quickly spiral into costly (and even legal) issues.

2. The installations are deteriorating

HOAs are responsible for hiring and managing property services. These include plumbing, janitors, gardeners, electricians, and more. Failing to notify and monitor these services—and even not hiring them—means your residence will slowly deteriorate over time.

3. My HOA hates me but loves my neighbor

This complaint is one of the most common we get from tenants. Many feel like their HOA is constantly against them, yet they’re always polite and helpful to other homeowners. It’s
frustrating, to say the least, and it can go further than merely attitude problems with your

What can you do about it?

Now, residents are just as responsible for nurturing a good relationship as the HOA. While the latter needs to create and nurture the right approach, the former is still accountable for using them correctly.

Luckily, avoiding these horror stories with HOAs in Nashville isn’t as difficult as it might
seem. You need to understand their rules and conditions. From there, it’s easier to approach them correctly while defending your rights as a resident.

Understand the rules

HOAs work with contracts and community clauses. The first step to build a good relationship is to go through these rules until you memorize them. Complying with them ensures your HOA doesn’t have reasons to cause any conflict with you.

Know when to argue

You must raise your voice when you feel treated unfairly. However, not all cases are
debatable, and that’s the key. Knowing when you can argue comes from understanding HOA rules, so pick your fights correctly.

Stay calm

HOAs are still people, and they’re under the same stress (and probably more) than you.
Make sure you keep that in mind when approaching them. Good attitudes are more helpful than antagonism.