Rick Boyett

Facilities Engineering Supervisor

Rick has spent 27 years in graphic arts; he was a plant manager in some of the largest printing companies in GA. In the first 15 years of that career, Rick wore many hats including one as a press mechanic for Heidelberg, Komori, and Mitsubishi. These global companies loved the Pre-Maintenance programs he put in place not only for the pressroom yet for the entire plants. In 2006, Rick was invited to a MESA Metals (a global Japanese fabrication company). By implementing his 5S program and a strong Pre-Maintenance program, the Georgia plant downtime went from 23% to .06%. This is possible when you schedule Preventive Maintenance and eliminate unnecessary downtime! In 2008, Rick decided to focus on residential rather than commercial work and started at his first high-rise building. He focused his mechanic’s ability on the infrastructure and put a Pre-Maintenance program into place so everything became proactive rather than reactive. After 9 years, Rick joined CMA. He now is implementing Pre-Maintenance programs at most of CMA’s managed buildings.